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After you have installed a new well system or provided maintenance to your well you should “shock” the system with bleach so that your water and pipes do not contain harmful bacteria. We have been exploring ways to get water from your well in the event you have no power for a long period of time, but we must be concerned with maintaining a clean well and providing good sanitized water.

When we are putting any new piping down the well we should make certain to clean them the best we can. As we saw in the video for the water bucket, the gentleman kept the well bucket in a plastic bag when he was not using it. When installing our hand pump make sure all part are clean by disinfecting them in bleach water and if you are storing the hand pump in the well, make sure disinfect your hands before using. That is why it would a good idea to have your alternate system in place before you need it so that you can disinfect and sanitize all the working part while you can run lots of water.

Here is a PDF that would be helpful to print off and keep available in case you need it. It shows you how to calculate the amount of bleach to add to your water and how to go about adding it.

If you are unable to shock your well, or if you feel the water you have available has bacteria in it, you can always boil it. Boiling it will kill any microorganisms in your water so you can drink it. If you have floaters in the water, you can also strain it with a cloth or coffee filter.

Just something to think about.

Lady Apprentice :)

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