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Archive for the ‘Homemade Water Pumps’ Category

Out of all the hand pumps we have talked about the EMAS hand pump is the best because of it’s simplicity. You can make it completely with PVC pipe, 2 marbles and some very cheap parts for the handle. As far as I can tell this fellow, Paul Cloesen, created these hand pumps for use […]

I thought I was seeing things the first time I seen this pump in action. It is the coolest thing ever, a simple rope pump. It delivers a continual stream of water just by spinning a wheel and would be pretty cheap to make. I just love this thing and plan on building one myself […]

Today we will find out about another easy way to get the water from your well and into your awaiting bucket. It’s called a well bucket and the best part of this design is that it can be used on any well and at any depth, so depending on the size of your well and […]

Today we will learn how to create a PVC hand pump to get the water from your well when you have no power and how it all works. I have a few plans to show you on how to make them, which we will get to later, but first let’s understand how a PVC hand […]

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink That’s how I felt in the summer of 2009. Our water well went nuts and after 3 months of dragging hoses and filling buckets we finally got our water back. It lasted until February of 2010 when it went completely out and we had to get […]

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