Links are either html pages (regular web pages) or PDF’s. If possible I will give you both formats so that you can have a choice when saving. You save PDF’s by pushing the button that looks like a disc in the tool bar of the PDF program. It is usually the second button, if it is not there look under “file” at the top and go down to “save a copy”, click this and answer yes if any boxes popup. You will then be able to save it to the folder of your choice. If you are saving a html page you look at your browser’s toolbar and select “file” then go down to “save file as”. This will take you to where you can select where to save the file.

I recommend you start a file on your desktop labeled “Lady Apprentice” then make sub-folders for all the files you save. Example: Lady Apprentice/Sustainable Living/Gardening. Then you would save any information that you wanted about gardening in the “gardening” folder. This will make it so much easier on you later when you want to find or print out the information instead of getting lost among all of your files. Believe me I know this from first hand experience.

Another helpful hint when saving information is when the file pops up for you to save, change the file name to something that pertains to that file. Some times files will pop up like “cd3wd 941.pdf”, later when you are looking for your file you won’t have a clue what that is, but if you change it to “bee keeping” you’ll be able to find it.


Download this free program “Cam Studio”, it can be found here.   It will allow you to record and save videos you find on YouTube or else where on the web.  It records it as you watch the video and then when you press stop it asks you where you would like to save it.  This program even allows you to change the size of the box being saved so that you can adjust it to the video size you need.  Have you ever wondered how someone took a video of themselves showing you how to do something on their computer screen?  Well they use a program like this.  Pretty cool!


Download this free program “ScreenHunter”, it can be found here.  This will allow you to take a picture of your computer screen.  You can set it up to capture a picture at that moment or have it on stand by.  This is a free program and it doesn’t allow you to adjust the size of the picture being saved, but it will ask you if you want to save the whole computer screen or just the browser page.  It would be nice to adjust the size of the picture you need to be taken, but for $40.00 I will just use my graphic program and crop it if I need to.


Printing your information is easy if you have a printer, but if you don’t you can always send it to Office Depot or Office Max.  They have services where you can send what you want printed to them via the internet.  You pay for it on line and then pick it up the next day at the store.  This might work well for some large files you would like printed.

You can also find out if any local printer offers online printing.